100k in 30 days

Back for a 3rd year, Run 100k in 30 days has gone all modern with a new website for you to log your runs on and a snazzy dashboard for you to track your progress.

All you have to do is fill out the simple registration form, go for a run and start logging!

We'll still have the daily updates, the selfies, the kick ass party when its all over and a few more surprises in between!

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What is the 100k?

"The 100k" as its been know is a simple straightforward challenge for YOU. Nobody else, just you. Its not a competition, its just a challenge to get you out there running!

Run 100K in 30 days. 3k a day. Simple isn't it?

Then life gets in the way.

You miss a day, then its the weekend and you going out on the lash. Then you're hungover.

Soon your 15km behind schedule. Now you’ve a challenge on your hands. Not so simple now.

Next thing the small friendly and not so friendly competitions start among your friends. The secret runs.

“Have you run today”?

“Me?….No”. Lying through your teeth just so you can get one up on everyone else.

The 100k is a challenge for anyone who’s man or woman enough for it. People who’ve never ran before to seasoned runners. (Our record is 344.64km run in 30 days). This is the 3rd year of it and its been a massive success so far, lots of people getting out running for 30 days and then we have a massive party to finish it all off. We’ve had people running all over the world, Dundalk, Dublin, London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Nice, Portugal, Spain, Italy….Hopefully this year will be the same.

Daily updates will be done on the Facebook page, and there’ll be new additions to the dashboard every so often just to keep you on your toes! Any questions you can get me on niall@aquaweb.ie

Good luck!

How to take part

Once you've created an account its very simple!

1. Go for your run, making sure you record it on any of the smartphone apps such as Strava, MapmyRun, Endomondo or on one of those fancy GPS watches. Something like these images below so that your run is verified and your not talking sh*te!

2. Upload your run with a screenshot from your app or a photo of your watch and thats it! Your dashboard will then show you your progress as well as some other cool information. If you want to you can upload a selfie or a photo from your run, some of you got very creative last year!

So get out there and get running!